Chiropractic Testimonials

"Everyone is super sweet and welcoming!! I felt much needed relief after my first visit today. Thank you Dr. Ozner!!"

- Tiara C.

"Only had two visits and it was amazing. Looking forward to more visits and better health."

- Juanita S.

"I’ve been with Dr. Ozner for over 5 years!! Only one our family trusts! The best!!"

- Musi G.

"Where do I start at first, I was skeptical about Chiropractic work. I begin to see Dr. Ozner After I had an incident where I was walking and my back gave out on me I fell to the ground gasping for air. I wanted to go to the hospital but after speaking with Ozner I decided to go to him instead. He help me walk to the back of the room while I sit on a steam jet massager for an hour. After that took X-ray and then he began his magic of healing put it this was I walked out!!! Was totally a believer after this! I am a barber so standing and you see my back is a must not only did I save thousands of dollars by not going to the hospital I also was able to walk out same day with minor pain! This is no joke no gimmick! Further my daughter has been having bowel movement problems. Once again Ozner Says bring her on in.... She gets adjusted and starts her bowel movements. Dr. Oz I believe in chiropractic work after seeing it’s healing power! Thank you for being a huge impact in my family much love and success to you!"

- Richie R.

"Love me some Ozner Chiropractic! It’s always good to see Iris! Oh yeah, and John too!!!"

- Cliff M.

"The customer service here is great and the team makes you feel like family. Adjustments are easy, fast, and make you feel amazing! A good place for the family because they are great with kids."

- Andrew N.

"The most knowledgeable chiropractor around! Worth the visit, I wouldn't recommend anyone else."

- Spence S.

"Dr. Ozner is on a big mission for his community. His chiropractic technique is great and I can highly recommend him!"

- Josh H.

"Amazing facility with great staff and doctors. Dr. Ozner takes the time to explain everything to you and you leave with a greater understanding of the way your body works and how chiropractic care can really help you. If you are looking for a new chiropractor he is your man."

- Melissa L.

"Dr. Ozner is very sincere and truly wants to be of service to his community. He genuinely cares for his patients and will do all he can to make sure his patients lead healthier lives through chiropractic!"

- Tamika A.

"Dr. Ozner really has a genuine personality that really shows he cares for the well being and health of all his patients. His work ethic is unparalleled, and I know from experience that he will do whatever it takes to restore a patient to the most optimal health possible. Thanks for all your help Dr. Ozner!"

- Adam M.


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